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Only With Your Heart - 8

Encounter - 2

The bear-like man’s name was Rodolgo, and he appeared to be the leader of a small, decrepit settlement that was just outside of the forest.

“Before that damned bastard came here by order of the king…”

Rodolgo’s eyes shined with the luster of someone boasting, as Chizuru looked down at the dark and damp-looking settlement.

“...It was I who ruled this entire region. And yet that stone-faced, former Hero robbed me of it all. Now, we just live humbly in this corner.”

Even under the dim moonlight, she could tell how poor it was. There were only a few desolate houses in this place that Chizuru had been brought to. There were no paved roads, and the buildings looked more like slightly painted sheds than houses. However, among them all, there was one building that was much larger than the rest and that was made of stone. This building was what Rodolgo called his ‘castle.’

Chizuru had now stopped resisting beyond what was necessary.
This was partly out of a faint hope that this …