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Only With Your Heart - 7

Encounter - 1
Chizuru felt the cold drops of water hit against her cheek. She scowled without thinking and shivered. When she inhaled, it was cold air that poured into her lungs as if to cleanse her. Her eyes remained tightly shut as her hand stretched out, searching for the blanket that should be warming her body. But the only things that her fingertips felt was the texture of her own damp clothing. ...Damp clothing? Cold air? Chizuru’s consciousness slowly drifted back to reality. That was right. She had been eating with Karasawa, and then returned alone to her station when the ‘voice' had rung in her ears. That was the dream. And… And? (Dream…?) Her heart began to beat loudly. Chizuru frantically opened her eyes. The sight that sprung into her vision was a forest-like place with trees that may have been cedar. The ground was covered in fallen, wet leaves of amber. Everything that was beyond