Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 10

The Reason that Saintesses are Not to be Picked Up

“I had really thought that your chief would come here directly.”
“I as well.”

Zynis and Arthur said.

“Our chief did want to come, but was persuaded that we would get here much quicker, as we are younger.”
“Indeed. It is very troublesome when strong curiosity meets quick action. Maki, Chihaaru, please come here.”

As they had been called by the king, Maki and Chiharu hesitantly made their way to the window, trying as to avoid the two bird people as much as possible.

“Look up at the sky. See, above the city.”

It was the window that they had seen the Saintess palace from yesterday. They now saw a blue sea sparkling in the sunlight and the city that stretched below the royal palace. This was a port city. No wonder why the clams had been so delicious. Chiharu recalled their lunch yesterday. She would have to ask if they had sashimi next time. Seagulls flew in the sky. Seagulls? They looked very big.

"Those are bird people. They are a very curious race and have crossed the sea from the beast lands in just half a day. Some come here to trade, others to sightsee. If there is someone they like, they might whisk them off their feet and into the clouds, much to the people's pleasure, and we usually have a very friendly relationship with them."
"We have nothing but trouble when it comes to Saintesses. As they so love to travel, they do not understand the feelings of a Saintess who does not wish to leave the palace. And they have tried to abduct them many times in spite of warnings. They would often appear at the Saintess palace without warning, making them highly disliked by your predecessor. She especially disliked the chief."
“And so we did not want to tell them until you got settled a little.”

Zynis said. And then the brother butted in.

“But the sky is so fun!”

Have you no shame! Chiharu thought with contempt.

“Didn’t you say that you would drop me if I moved!”
“I said that you would drop if you moved.”

Grrrrrr. Perhaps he did. But it was still aggravating. I know what to do!

“Saying that I would fall in that situation is the same thing as threatening meee. Ah, that was so frightening! Bird people are scaaary.”
“Oh, Chihaaru, you poor thing. Those scoundrels were most annoying when we were still conducting experiments with our airships as well. There is no need to consort with these bird people. Damn it. We elves are not like those ruffians, rest assured.”

Oh. I’m so sorry. It seems like I accidentally fooled a different, decent person. It hurts my conscious.


The king massaged his temples. Sorry, I was talking like a child just now.

“No, we bird people are not scary! I only told you the truth so you would not be in danger!”

Still going on, huh?

“Ahhhh, being pulled so suddenly gave me a fright!”
“It’s not frightful, it’s not! See? I will do it properly next time.”

The brother said frantically, but Maki and Grudo were holding their stomachs and laughing.

“Why are you laughing!” “Why are you laughing!”

Both Aeris and the bird brother asked at the same time, which only made them laugh louder. Hmmm, I better stop it here for the sake of Aeris and his pureness. The bird brother acted like a child, so a child’s revenge was all that was necessary.

“I am sure you two have had a great shock. But the fact that Saintesses could not be sent to the beast lands has been a disadvantage to us as well. Even when an outrage like this occurs, we can do no more but give a warning, as we must avoid a diplomatic problem. Though, we should have had better security. We will do what we can in regards to security measures. I hope that you can forgive us.”

The king said. Chiharu’s eyes caught Maki’s and they thought the same thing. It could not be helped.

“We forgive you.” “We forgive you.”
“I am grateful.”
"It is deplorable that such a person is to be the next chief. You two, you are the ones who should apologize, Sauro and Saikania."

Zynis urged.

“I was wrong to be in such a rush.”
“I wouldn’t have been as rough as my brother over here.”
“Saikania! Apologize!”
“I am sorry.”

They didn’t seem sincere one bit. Oh, dear. Maki asked them a question.

“Were you really going to take Chiharu and fly over the sea?”
“Yes. Though, carrying someone that far is really hard. I would have probably dropped her along the way.”

This guy. Chiharu was burning with rage as Maki calmly continued.

“It would be painful to be carried the whole way. I would like to ride in a basket.”
“A basket?” “A basket?”

Sauro and Saikania said in unison.

“You know what I mean, Chiharu? Like in those cartoons. You tie a bunch of string to a basked and the crows take you away.”
“There is no such cartoon.”

Chiharu said flatly. She didn’t want to agree with her.

"That is true. I had thought to carry you myself, but it would be much easier to do so as a team, if we are going long distance. We are forbidden from anything related to airships as the pull of levistones makes them unstable, but perhaps we could balance it out with three people?"
“Then you will be able to put multiple people inside, and tourists to the beast lands will increase!”
“Us dwarves are glad to help with any interesting enterprises, you know?”

See? I knew that this would happen! Though, the king was still massaging his temples.

Yes, it does seem interesting. It is interesting. If this had been suggested in the beginning, I would have been excited, I would have wanted the bird people to carry us. I would have lined up for hours and paid to buy tickets.

But that was scary. It was scary.

“Sorry, Chiharu. I know you were scared. I should have thought about that.”

Maki tried to take out a handkerchief, but she didn’t even have one. And so Aeris softly wiped away her tears.

“Is she crying?”
“I am crying.”

The bird siblings rushed over to Chiharu and raised her high into the air. Ah, it was the same thing that Zynis did with Maki. No one was fast enough to stop it. These guys were so fast. Damn it.

Clink. Oh, my million.

“AH!!” “AH!!” “AH!!” “AH!!”

I’ve had enough of these bird people!

And yet, it was only the third day. Next Chapter


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