Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 6

The Day That Something Returned

“Just as we expected. It was unbearable for a young lady.”

Grudo said kindly. No, I can bear it just fine? Maki raised her chin.

“Maki, you are the first Saintess ever who has not fainted.”
“I’m quite active, so small injuries are nothing to me. But Chiharu is always careful and always dependable. I think this was just too much for her for once. AH.”

The gem fell from Maki’s head as well.

“What are we supposed to do with this?”
“These are much better in quality than the magical stones found in the dungeon. Though, most Saintesses hated the idea of selling something that came out of their bodies, so we will not force you. But it would definitely help.”

Maki’s eyes sparkled.

“Chiharu, Chiharu!”
“Uhh, ummm…”

Maki shook Chiharu, who was for some reason leaning against Aeris on the sofa.

“We can sell these things!”
“Maki, stop acting so violently.”

Aeris scolded her. What was up this guy? Did he think he was in charge of her? Whatever. I’m the one who is going to be reprimanded about not waking her sooner if I tell her later.


Chiharu’s eyes fluttered open.

“I thought I heard something about selling.”
“These. We can sell them.”

Chiharu looked at the gem in Maki’s hand and scowled. Still, she inspected it and asked:

“How much?”

The king was so surprised that he had become speechless.

“Ah, maybe he doesn’t understand. Uh, so, money, sell, how much?”
“Chihaaaru, I do understand you. I am just, just a little surprised.”

The king scratched at his eyebrows.

“Just one of those stones can fuel a train for a whole month. With this size, it would be nearly 1,000,000 gil, I would say.”
“And how much is 1,000,000 gil?”
“You use yen in your country I believe? Chancellor!”

The Chancellor moved one step forward.

“With a place to stay, a family of four should be able to live off of 200,000 gil a month.”
“I see. So it is not too different from yen then.”

Chiharu nodded satisfactorily.

“That’s good. We will be able to live off of that.”
“What a relief. Chiharu.”
“Wait, wait. What are you two talking about?”

The king said frantically. Chiharu and Maki looked at him with confusion.

"Well, we need to make money to pay living expenses."
“And I want to sightsee too.”

The king sighed and massaged his temples. Grudo had been laughing in the back for a while now.

“Please listen carefully. You two are Saintesses summoned by God. You take risks in order to purify the world. All of the Sun World is indebted to you. You are to be praised by all.”
“Is that right.”
“Well, uh, yes. Nevermind. The point is, you do not have to worry about lodging.”
“Oh, we get a house! Yes!”

The king asked Maki and Chiharu to stand up and brought them toward the window.

“There, that villa over there. Can you see?”
“Woah, the white walls are so cute.”
“Is that an orchard and a field? There is even a garden.”
“That is the Saintess Villa. It is where you two shall stay.”

They looked dumbly at each other for a second before smiling, then they high-fived each other.

“What is that?”

Grudo asks.

“It’s something you do with friends when you are happy and having fun.”

Maki explains.

“Hehe. Will you do it with me then?”
“Of course, here.”


“This is quite fun.”
“Chihaaru, with me as well.”
“Aeris? Okay.”


“Ooh, this is good.”
“Chihaaru, me too.”
“Yes, Prince Edwy.”
“Just call me Edwy.”

Slap! Edwy laughed happily.

“I am fine.”

Maki’s gaze turned to Zynis.


Slap! It was more of a low-five, but his tail was wagging energetically. He smiled as his eyes met Maki’s.

“Have we settled down now?”
“Yes.” “Yes.”
“You are guaranteed clothes, food and shelter. And you will also be given a monthly salary. I believe it is 1,000,000 a month. Sera?”
“Yes, your majesty. However, previous Saintesses have used very little of it. And so there is an additional, most enormous fortune remaining.”
“Then you can freely use that as well, as long as it does not harm any civilians. Do you understand?”

The two nodded.

“There is more I would like to talk to you about, but that can wait for tomorrow. When you feel that you are ready to listen again, please let me know. Though, it would help if you did not take too much time.”
“We understand.”
“Chihaaru, Maki.”
“Yes?” “Yes?”
“I cannot apologize for it. But we are very grateful that you have come to our world.”

The king gave a deep bow. The others in the room followed.

They couldn’t quite tell him that it was fine, that they did not care. There was no replacing what they had lost. They stayed silent and nodded. That was all that was needed now.

For some reason, Aeris, Zynis and the prince were escorting Maki and Chiharu back to their room. Then, Maki suddenly stopped.

“Chiharu, let’s not go to the room now.”
“That’s right. Uh, Sera?”
“What is it?”
“We want to eat lunch outside. Can you prepare it for us?”
“Of course. The Saintess Villa is already prepared for your arrival. Will you go now?”
“No, somewhere close by. We can go right now.”

Sera began to order another servant.

“Well then, please excuse us.”
“Excuse us.”
“What, me too?”

Aeris and Zynis then dragged the prince, who had looked like he wanted to stay with them.

“That was my chance to get to know them! And I knew a good place to eat.”

The prince said dejectedly. Aeris replied quietly.

“Edwy, you must not be fooled by how cheerful they appear. It has taken every previous Saintess a whole month to be able to talk about the mark on their heads. And they have done it in just one day.”
“I think the marks are beautiful.”
“And yet, what would you think if such a gem sprouted from the palm of your hand all of a sudden?”

The prince looked at his hand.

“I wouldn’t like it.”
“And they are women. It is not something easily accepted.”
“But, they were well enough to want to go outside.”

Aeris sighed.

“It was probably too depressing for them to return to their room.”
“It makes you think of so many things. It is better to be out under the sun at such times. Maki and Chihaaru must have similar minds to us elves.”
“And I am sure that they would prefer to be away from strangers at such a time.”
“Do you really think so, Zynis?”
“I do. Do not worry, prince. Maki and Chihaaru will come to terms with what happened eventually.”

Edwy said begrudgingly. Then he suddenly smiled.

“Even so, when they said ‘how much?’ I have never seen father become speechless like that before.”
“Indeed. It was a sight to behold.”

Zynis laughed. It was a warm, bright day in the Sun World. They looked out the window and saw that Maki and Chihaaru were slowly walking toward the garden. They sent a silent prayer in hopes that the spirits of the Saintesses’ would also become sunny.


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