Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 15

When It’s Hard Being an Adult

While they did leave the palace every day, they did not use that much money. Still, Maki and Chiharu did not like having to ask the Chancellor every time they needed something, so it was decided that they would have their own bank accounts.
Yet another gem had fallen from their heads, and so both had a hefty sum of five million each in their accounts after selling them.

Their salary as Saintesses was kept separately, along with the previous Saintess' fortune. On top of this, Maki received royalties for her green tea and Chiharu for her women's pants.

“The money from those will also be put into your bank accounts.”

Sera explained. These were made as normal civilians, as they did not want to cause an uproar at the merchants guild. Thanks to this, they did not have to go to the king or Chancellor every time they went out.

The two would go to different stores around the city like this. And as the guards would not follow them inside, it was a time where they could relax a little. They even bought a bag that Grudo had suggested to them. It was a very big bag, but they enjoyed taking it with them as they went shopping.

They were also used to the bird people now, and it was a common sight to see what looked like two young boys with a large bag being carried down from their balcony by the bird people. Those who worked at the castle knew that this was the afternoon excursions of the Saintesses, and looked at them fondly.

These peaceful days passed quickly, and now the castle was full of representatives from other lands. After receiving the notice, it took the beastfolk ten days to arrive as they traveled through the dwarf lands. The elves arrived in just one day by airship. The humans from inland took ten days to arrive, and it was also ten days from the southern lands. But now everyone was gathered for the unveiling ceremony.

There were no problems between countries now, and as it was a rare occasion, many people gathered from the city to the castle.

Maki and Chiharu greeted all of the eager faces with smiles, never once making a less than pleasant face.

“I must ask that you stop going out to the city for now, as it is now safe.”

Said Arthur.

“I suppose.”
“Yes, we understand.”

They had replied without complaint.

“Uh, Aeris, Zynis.”
“What?” “What?”
“Do you not think that Maki and Chihaaru have been acting strange recently?”
“You thought so too?”
“I do.”
“Yes, well, they seem to be living calm and peacefully every day…”

Zynis said, while Arthur and Aeris wore concerned expressions. However, Arthur continued.

“Yes, that is all well. But, think back on those first few days.”

He said.

“Indeed, they did seem more full of life and energetic.”

He agreed.

“Compared to those days, it is as if a thin wall has developed between us. It is very irritating.”
“What could be the reason for it?”
“...I cannot say that I do not have an idea.”
“What is that? Aeris?”
“The inland people.”
“There is a prince and princess that are close in age with Edwy. They came early to talk with him I think. What of that?”
“The usually sociable Maki and Chihaaru seem to be avoiding them.”
"I had not noticed that. I am sure Edwy would know about…"
“Maki and Chihaaru may seem full of life. But they are from a foreign land. It is not as if they do not have a sensitive side. Perhaps we should talk with Sera and their guards. It is necessary for them to be careful.”
“Yes, we will do that.”

It was not as if there was no reason for it. Maki and Chiharu were quite fed up in fact. Things had been intense from the get-go. They had first met with the inland people in the gardens before the official greeting. It was when they were playing in the gardens with Sauro and Saikania and some small children of the guests from the southern lands. The small children were laughing as the bird siblings picked them up and flew in the air.

“Oh, the current Saintesses must have a lot of free time. The castle is busy taking care of the guests, and here they are, frolicking with the bird people.”

They turned around and saw about ten people looking at them as they stepped out of three carriages. Unlike this country, these women wore one-piece dresses with skirts that puffed outwards. The men wore jackets and scarves around their necks.

They were clearly the royal family of some country. It was likely the middle-aged man among them that had spoken.

Sauro and Saikania scowled at them, but Chiharu stopped them from saying anything. It was not good for them to say anything careless before being properly introduced.

The chamberlain who was leading the guests frantically came forward.

“These are the current Sai-”

He began to introduce them, but…

“No need for that. I want to go rest.”

The man said, and ignoring Maki and Chiharu, they walked quickly away. The young man who was about Edwy’s age glanced at them with a bored expression and passed them. As for the young lady, she looked at Maki and Chiharu up and down and snorted before turning her back and walking away.

“Sauro, Saikania. What was that?”
“Inland royalty most likely.”
“Didn’t they come here to meet us?”
“I think so. But I do not know much about those countries.”
“I see…”

Oh, well. It was not as if they wanted to be presented before everyone. It was a silly ceremony that they were a part of through necessity. They would do what they had to, and return to their peaceful lives. That was what Maki and Chiharu thought.


For some reason, the speed at which the magical gems generated would not slow down, and they would constantly be popping off of their heads, even when they wore a ribbon.

And this was witnessed by the inland people.

“How utterly filthy.”
“Bodies that gather miasma.”
“Why don’t they just hole up in their palace and stay there forever?”

They said. The guards even tried to rebuke them for this, royalty or not. But Chiharu and Maki would not allow it. Still, if they thought that it was filthy, then they shouldn’t have come to see them. And yet they would come to gawk and throw insults anyway.

And then the incident occurred just as Maki and Chiharu had had enough.

It was right after a banquet on the eve of the unveiling ceremony. Maki and Chiharu were talking to a cute princess from the southern lands. This princess and the children of her attendants had taken a liking to Maki, Chiharu, and the bird people. The other adults had looked at this warmly.

“Princess Meiya. I would advise you to keep your distance from these Saintesses.”
“Oh, but why, Princess Chouze? We are having so much fun talking.”

The small princess asked with puzzlement. They clearly knew each other. Maki and Chiharu braced themselves for more annoying behavior.

“But do you not know, Meiya? These Saintesses gather miasma on their foreheads. They will contaminate you if get too close to them.”
“Chouze, I have learned it just recently. The Saintesses purify our world of miasma at their own expense.”
“They are foul because they have to collect the miasma to purify. Now, let’s go somewhere else.”
“I refuse. I prefer the company of Maki and Chihaaru.”

The young Meiya said flatly. Wonderful!

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