Only With Your Heart - 5

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It was a twelve story building, and the company that Chizuru worked for took up the entire eighth floor. When the electronic display showed an 8, Chizuru got off of the elevator as if she was being led by Karasawa.
There was a frosted glass door at the entrance, and Karasawa opened it for her.
“Thank you. But I am fine now.”
Even if he was just being nice, she did not want any more of his attention. And so she thanked him after walking through the door and tried to move away. She could see that the other employees had arrived, and were going about their work. Several people whose desks were located near the entrance greeted them.
Karasawa was quite popular, and as a female employee, she didn’t want people to misunderstand their relationship by seeing them together. Chizuru quickly returned their greetings before rushing to her own desk.

There was a stack of documents that needed to be sorted or copied on her desk. And it seemed that she would need to forget everything that happened and focus on her work, at least until lunchtime.
Still, she could not forget the ‘voice’ that she had heard. Chizuru sat in her chair as she pulled out her phone from her bag. She typed in a short message to Mai.

--Thank you for visiting last night. I was glad that you listened.
I don’t know if I was hearing things, but I heard something that sounded like that ‘voice’ just now.
Am I just over excited… What do you think?--

She looked at the clock and saw that Mai’s class would probably have already started, and yet she received a reply within minutes.

--Really!? That might be some kind of omen!
You heard it more than once the first time, didn’t you?
Maybe you will hear it again…
You better tell me if it happens again!--

Chizuru quickly typed in an affirmation and closed her phone.
She could not help but sigh as she returned the phone to her bag. She would now concentrate on the work in front of her. If she didn't, that excitement that was rising from deep within her would drive her crazy.
Thankfully, Chizuru was a contract worker, which meant that most of her duties involved miscellaneous tasks that she could get through with machine-like movements. Normally this would have felt tedious to her, but she was grateful for it now. Carrying out orders without much thought allowed her head to cool down a little.
(What it...what if I really could return…?)
She kept thinking about this as she typed into the computer.

It had been a little over a year since Chizuru had returned to this world.
During that time, she had to deal with matters related to the missing person search on top of taking care of her sick grandmother, that she didn’t have time to worry about getting back. She still had to finish school, and it was no time to fall into a depression.
Her grandmother had passed away shortly after graduation, and she had started working immediately after. The unfamiliar job had kept her busy for the first month or two… It was only recently that she had begun to slowly think back on her memories with Lukrov and that world.
But no matter how much she had hoped to return, she hadn’t had much time to clearly imagine what would happen if that wish came true.
She had become close with many people during her year in that world. She would have called some of them her friends. But it was Lukrov alone, who she would abandon her own world to meet again.
But, was he waiting for her?
She had not even promised to return to him. They had only been together for one year. How long would he wait for her?
He had loved her.
And he was not the kind of man who would forget a woman who he had fallen in love with.
But there was a good chance that he would be angry with her for disappearing without saying anything. She had not meant anything by it, but it would not be surprising if he felt that it was a betrayal.
Hello, I have returned and am glad to see you. Let’s continue to be together. It would likely not be so easy.
In fact, there wasn’t even a guarantee that she would be able to return straight to him. The first time, Lukrov and the others had found the shocked Chizuru when she had been suddenly thrust into their world.
But this time…?
Unlike this world, there weren’t even any established home addresses. You could definitely not use phones to locate people. Even ordinary maps were difficult to find.
Thinking about all of this now, she started to see that things would not immediately turn into a happy ending even if she could return. Of course, she had the resolve to pay whatever the price was. She did not balk at the idea of having to find him and do what was necessary to earn his forgiveness.
But all of that could only happen if she returned.



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