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Only With Your Heart - 6

Calling - 3

Taking a step outside proved that the rain was much harsher than it had appeared from behind the glass windows. However, the wind itself was not too bad, which meant that the rain would not hit you from the sides. When Chizuru opened the umbrella and gestured for Karasawa to move under it, he took the handle from her and carried it himself. “Um, I can hold it…” "Oh, but I am much taller. I won't be able to turn my neck if you hold it. So allow me." Indeed, Karasawa was on the tall side, and Chizuru was more on the average side. She would have to hold the umbrella quite high to avoid him having to lower his head. She felt that there was little point in being stubborn when this would be over in five minutes. And so she gave her consent, and they began to walk.
The rainwater flowed over the asphalt roads, creating fantastical reflections of the neon city lights, which numerous cars busily drove over. The sidewalk was protected by a guard rail, as people flowed down to…

I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 16

Is the Search still in Progress?
After that, it was often easier for me to get distracted.
It was not particularly bad when I was moving my body. From my seat at the breakfast table, I would look at the Margraves couple and their complete air of friendliness, Alan's exasperated face, Reggie's expression as he looked on and laughed. It allowed me to feel the warmth of ordinary days, and because of that I was able to forget the things I was ‘supposed to think about.'

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 16

What They Wanted Returned
The adults from the southern region were shocked at this, and so they berated her.
“Chouze, you go too far. You are being rude to the Saintesses who are loved by God.” “Hmph. Saintesses are exchangeable things. God will drop a new one in three months even if these two happened to disappear. These tiresome ceremonies are a waste of time. The Saintesses should be shut up in their palace and purify the miasma there.”

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 15

When It’s Hard Being an Adult

While they did leave the palace every day, they did not use that much money. Still, Maki and Chiharu did not like having to ask the Chancellor every time they needed something, so it was decided that they would have their own bank accounts. Yet another gem had fallen from their heads, and so both had a hefty sum of five million each in their accounts after selling them.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 14

It’s a Train if they are Connected

After that, Sera excitedly helped them select clothes to wear for their city excursion.
As they would be disguised as boys, they chose dark pants, cream-colored shirts, and a tunic that went over it. The hemline was much shorter than the types that women wore. And then came the wigs. The most common hair color on this continent was a dark blonde color. The bangs were on the long side to cover their eyes as much as possible. As long as they did not wear makeup, they could pass for very girly-looking 12 year-olds. Or in other words, younger versions of the Prince.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 13

I Always Wanted to Say ‘Put it on my Tab’

They finished breakfast, and as they had not been told anything today, Maki and Chiharu were relaxing on the balcony and looking outside. It seemed that Arthur was currently very busy preparing for something.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 12

Quick Work

Miragaia had said it would be a quick stroll, but he ended up flying way up high.
Maki said something to him and pointed in different directions and he would take her there.
“Maki seems to be very calm about it.”
Arthur muttered.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 11

Night Flight

In the end, their third day did not consist of any fruitful discussion of future plans, and the two went off to bed exhausted.

Chiharu had always hated noisy alarm clocks, and in Japan, she had always used an alarm clock that sounded like the song of a little bird. She had used this for 10 years. On the other hand, Maki was good with getting up in the morning, and so she had never needed an alarm clock. And so Chiharu had always dreamed of waking up to the real sounds of a bird's voice.

Only With Your Heart - 5

Calling - 2
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It was a twelve story building, and the company that Chizuru worked for took up the entire eighth floor. When the electronic display showed an 8, Chizuru got off of the elevator as if she was being led by Karasawa. There was a frosted glass door at the entrance, and Karasawa opened it for her. “Thank you. But I am fine now.” Even if he was just being nice, she did not want any more of his attention. And so she thanked him after walking through the door and tried to move away. She could see that the other employees had arrived, and were going about their work. Several people whose desks were located near the entrance greeted them. Karasawa was quite popular, and as a female employee, she didn’t want people to mi…

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 9

When Soft Whispers in Your Ear Don’t Result in a Romance Flag
Maki and Chiharu looked towards the voice and saw the newcomers just as their wings folded neatly. Bird people! Maki looked at Chiharu excitedly. So there were others aside from dog people after all!
They were a pair; a man and a woman. Their folded wings were white like a dove. As for their bodies, they were much like Zynis with wings. Human, but slightly taller than most. Also, both of them had hair that was as white as their wings. Their eyes were yellow.

Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 10

The Reason that Saintesses are Not to be Picked Up

“I had really thought that your chief would come here directly.” “I as well.”
Zynis and Arthur said.
“Our chief did want to come, but was persuaded that we would get here much quicker, as we are younger.” “Indeed. It is very troublesome when strong curiosity meets quick action. Maki, Chihaaru, please come here.”