Only With Your Heart - 8

Encounter - 2

The bear-like man’s name was Rodolgo, and he appeared to be the leader of a small, decrepit settlement that was just outside of the forest.

“Before that damned bastard came here by order of the king…”

Rodolgo’s eyes shined with the luster of someone boasting, as Chizuru looked down at the dark and damp-looking settlement.

“...It was I who ruled this entire region. And yet that stone-faced, former Hero robbed me of it all. Now, we just live humbly in this corner.”

Even under the dim moonlight, she could tell how poor it was. There were only a few desolate houses in this place that Chizuru had been brought to. There were no paved roads, and the buildings looked more like slightly painted sheds than houses. However, among them all, there was one building that was much larger than the rest and that was made of stone. This building was what Rodolgo called his ‘castle.’

Chizuru had now stopped resisting beyond what was necessary.
This was partly out of a faint hope that this …

Only With Your Heart - 7

Encounter - 1
Chizuru felt the cold drops of water hit against her cheek. She scowled without thinking and shivered. When she inhaled, it was cold air that poured into her lungs as if to cleanse her. Her eyes remained tightly shut as her hand stretched out, searching for the blanket that should be warming her body. But the only things that her fingertips felt was the texture of her own damp clothing. ...Damp clothing? Cold air? Chizuru’s consciousness slowly drifted back to reality. That was right. She had been eating with Karasawa, and then returned alone to her station when the ‘voice' had rung in her ears. That was the dream. And… And? (Dream…?) Her heart began to beat loudly. Chizuru frantically opened her eyes. The sight that sprung into her vision was a forest-like place with trees that may have been cedar. The ground was covered in fallen, wet leaves of amber. Everything that was beyond

Only With Your Heart - 6

Calling - 3

Taking a step outside proved that the rain was much harsher than it had appeared from behind the glass windows. However, the wind itself was not too bad, which meant that the rain would not hit you from the sides. When Chizuru opened the umbrella and gestured for Karasawa to move under it, he took the handle from her and carried it himself. “Um, I can hold it…” "Oh, but I am much taller. I won't be able to turn my neck if you hold it. So allow me." Indeed, Karasawa was on the tall side, and Chizuru was more on the average side. She would have to hold the umbrella quite high to avoid him having to lower his head. She felt that there was little point in being stubborn when this would be over in five minutes. And so she gave her consent, and they began to walk.
The rainwater flowed over the asphalt roads, creating fantastical reflections of the neon city lights, which numerous cars busily drove over. The sidewalk was protected by a guard rail, as people flowed down to…

I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 16

Is the Search still in Progress?
After that, it was often easier for me to get distracted.
It was not particularly bad when I was moving my body. From my seat at the breakfast table, I would look at the Margraves couple and their complete air of friendliness, Alan's exasperated face, Reggie's expression as he looked on and laughed. It allowed me to feel the warmth of ordinary days, and because of that I was able to forget the things I was ‘supposed to think about.'